Corals and Invertebrates


We have a huge collection of cultured Coral Frags and in-house cultured frags now available, hundreds in fact, many species common and rare for all types of aquaria. We always have new stock available are continuously replenishing every week.

Corals & Marine Invertebrates (This is a guide on what we stock)

#InStockScientific NameCommon Name
Hard Corals (LPS)Various FragsSizes:£25 £35 £45 £65 £85
Micromussa sp.Red Acan – £35.00
Micromussa sp.Stripe Acan – 35.00
Micromussa sp.Green Acan – £35.00
Micromussa sp.Common Acan – £35.00
Micromussa lordhowensisAcan – Ultra Orange £35.00
Micromussa lordhowensisAcan – Ultra Rainbow £35.00
Micromussa lordhowensisAcan – Ultra Green Stripe £35.00
Acanthastrea bowerbankiButton Coral – Bowerbanki
Goniastrea spp.Moon – Coral Sea
Alveopora sp.Daisy Coral/Flowerpot
GonioporaRed Flowerpot Goni
Caulastrea echinulataTrumpet Coral (1)
Caulastrea echinulataTrumpet Coral (2)
Caulastrea echinulataTrumpet Coral (3)
Euphyllia ancoraCultured Green Anchor/Hammer
Euphyllia glabrescensGreen Torch Coral
Euphyllia divisaFrogspawn Coral (Pre order only)
Euphyllia divisaGolden Frogspawn (Pre Order Only)
Euphyllia sp.Branching Pink Tip (£145)
Euphyllia sp.Pink Tip Hammer (£168)
Duncanopsammia axifugaDuncan coral
Favia sp.Moon/Brain Coral
Favites spp.Pineapple – War Brain Coral
Lobophyllia sp.Lobed Brain
Lobophyllia sp.
Plerogyra sinuosaBubble Coral
Nemenzophyllia turbidaFox Coral (£55-75)
Catalaphyllia jardineiElegance Coral
CatalaphylliaElegance Coral
Blastomussa sp. RedLarge (£175)
Micromussa lordhowensisLarge (£175)
Cynarina spp.Owl Cushion Coral
Cynarina spp.Cushion – Coral Sea
Plate S/T - Coral Sea Cycloseris spp.Cycloseris spp.Orange Plate
Cycloseris spp.Green Plate
Scolymia australisGreen Doughnut (Pre Order Only)
Scolymia australisRed Doughnut (Pre Order Only)
Scolymia spp.Elephant’s Eye Doughnut
Scolymia sp.Extra Large Scoly
Trachyphyllia sp.Lobed Brain
Trachyphyllia sp.Rainbow Trachy
Soft CoralsTubastraeaSun Coral (Pre Order Only)
Tubastraea sppSun Black Coral (Pre Order Only)
Hard Corals (SPS)Small Frag PlugsSizes:£12/£25 each
Acropora sp.Purple Cluster Acro £15.00
Acropora sp.Australian Cultured £25.00
Acropora milliporaCultured Acro £15.00
Acropora sp.Cultured Green £10.00
Acropora sp.Cultured £12.00
Acropora sp.Cultured Common £12.00
Acropora sp.Cultured £12.00
Acropora sp.Australian Cultured £25.00
Acropora sp.Cultured Pink Tipped £12.00
Acropora nobilisCultured £10.00
Acropora sp.Large Frags (£168)
Acropora sp.Large Frags (£168)
Acropora sp.Large Frags (£168)
Acropora sp.Large Frags (£168)
Acropora sp.Large Frags (£168)
Echinophyllia spGreen Chalice £15.00
Montipora spp.Cultured Monti 1 £10.00
Montipora spp.Cultured Monti 2 £10.00
Montipora spp.Cultured Monti 3 £10.00
Montipora spp.Cultured Monti 4 £10.00
Montipora spp.Cultured Monti 5 £10.00
Montipora stellataCultured Monti 6 £20.00
Montipora sppCultured Monti 7 £10.00
Montipora capricornisCultured Red Plate 8 £10.00
Montipora digitataGreen Branching Monti £10.00
Montipora sppCultured Purple Tip 9 £10.00
Montipora setosaRare Orange Monti £25.00
Montipora sp. Super GreenLarge Frags (£168)
Pocillopora damicornisCultured Cauliflower £10.00
Porites sp.Cultured Porites £10.00
Porites sp.Branching Porites £10.00
Pavona cactusCactus Coral £10.00
Pavona cactusGreen Cactus Coral £10.00
Pavona cactusOrange Cactus Coral £25.00
Seriatopora sp.Pink Birds nest £12.00
Seriatopora sp.Yellow Birds nest £12.00
Stylophora sp.Green Club Finger £10.00
Turbinaria spp.Table Coral
Soft CoralsFive Frag SizesSizes:£10 £25 £35 £45 £55
Capnella spp.Bush Coral – African
Cladiella spp.Cauliflower Coral
Lobophytum spp.Cult Finger
Nephthea spp.Brush Coral
Sarcophyton spp.Toadstool
Sinularia duraUltra Green Cabbage Coral
Sinularia flexibilisCultured Medusa
Briareum stecheiGreen Carpet Cultured
Clavularia spp.Star Polyp – Clove
Pachyclavularia violaceaMetallic Green
Palythoa spp.Brown Sea Mat
Xenia spp.Star Polyp – Pulse
Anthelia Sp.Waving Hand Coral
Zoanthus spp.Coloured Polyp
Ultra ZoanthusMany Types: PRICES
Discosoma spp.Coloured Mushroom
Discosoma cardinalisPurple Mushroom
Rhodactis sp.Green
Rhodactis sp.Red
Ricordea yumaRed
Ricordea yumaGreen
Menelia spp.Golden Gorgonia
Muricea spp.Sliver Tree Gorgonia
Muricea spp.Red Tree Gorgonia
Sea Anemones
Heteractis crispaMalu/Sebae Anemone
AnemonesHeteractis magnificaRitteri Anemone
Stichodactyla haddoniGreen Carpet Anemone
Macrodactyla doreensisLong Tentacle Anemone
Stichodactyla giganteaGiant Carpet Anemone Red/Blue/Green
Entacmaea quadricolorBubble Anemone – Green
Entacmaea quadricolorBubble Anemone – Red
Condylactis giganteaCondy Anemone
Cerianthus sppTube Anemone
marine sea tube anemoneCerianthus spTube Anemone
Banded Coral Shrimp, YellowStenopus cyanoscelisYellow Boxing Shrimp £24.95
Banded Cleaner ShrimpStenopus hispidusBanded Boxing Shrimp £22.95
Peppermint ShrimpLysmata sppPeppermint Shrimp £15.95
Cleaner ShrimpLysmata amboinensisCleaner Shrimp £18.95
Lysmata debeliusFire Shrimp £24.95
Alpheus bellulusTiger Shrimp £18.95
Alpheus randalliPistol Shrimp £21.00
LobstersPanulirus versicolorBlue Spiny Lobster £22.00
Enoplometopus daumiPink Lobster
Odontodactylus scyllarusMantis Shrimp – Peacock £44.95
Hymenocera pictaHarlequin Shrimp £30.95
Thor amboinensisSexy Shrimp £9.99
ClamsTridacna maximaCultured Maxi Clam £Var
Tridacna derasaDerasa Clam £Var
Astraea undosaSnail – Roman Snail £4.95
Cerith SnailCerithium spp.Snail – Cerith £3.50
Turbo SnailAstraea tectumSnail – Turbo £3.99
Turbo fluctuosaSnail – Super Turbo £4.99
Trochus histrioSnail – Banded Trochus
Engina mendicariaSnail – Bumble Bee
Columbella mercatoriaSnail – Dove £1.95
Babylonia formosaeSnail – Orange Marble £3.50
Nassarius Sand SnailNassarius vibexSnail – Nitrus £3.50 (3for£10)
Fighting Conch (Strombus spp.)Strombus spp.Snail – Sand Sifting £11.95
Haliotis asininaAbalone
Dolabella auriculaSeahare – Giant
Feather Worms
Sabellastarte spectabilisFeather Duster £14.95
Protula bispiralisHard Tube Worm – Red £20.00
Mini Hermit CrabCalcinus elegansBlue Leg Hermit £3.99 (3for£10)
Halloween Hermit CrabCiliopagurus strigatusHalloween Hermit
Blue Leg Hermit CrabClibanarius tricolorMet Blue Leg Hermit £4.95
Thinstripe Hermit CrabClibanarius spp.Common Green Hermit £3.95
Dardanus megistosRed Hairy Hermit £17.95
Red Leg Hermit CrabPaguristes cadenatiRed Leg Hermit £4.99 (3for£12.95)
Emerald CrabMithraculus sculptusEmerald Crab £11.95
Neopetrolisthes maculatusAnemone Crab – Pink £19.50
Stenorhynchus seticornisArrowhead Crab
Percnon gibbesiSally Lightfoot Crab
Lybia tesselataBoxer Crab
Sea UrchinsAsteropyga radiataBlue Spot Tux £18.95
Black-Spiny-Sea-Urchin-Diadema sp.Diadema setosumLong Spin £18.95
Pencil UrchinHeterocentrotus mammillatusRed Pencil £18.95
Lytechinus variegatusPincushion Urchin £19.95
Sand Sifting StarArchaster typicusSand Sifting Starfish
Echinaster sepositusOrange Finger £17.95
Fromia elegansBiscuit Starfish
Linckia multiforaPicasso Starfish
Linckia laevigataBlue Finger Starfish
Elegant Sea StarFromia indicaRed Starfish
Ophiocoma echinataRed/Brown Brittle Star £14.95
Paraferdina plakosDeep Sea Starfish
Sea Cucumbers
Holothuria hillaTiger Tail Cucumber £14.95
Black Sea CucumberHolothuria edulisBlack/Pink Cucumber
Yellow Sea CucumberColochirus robustusYellow Cucumber
Caulerpa spp.£10.00 Sample
Chaetomorpha spp.£10.00 Sample
Rock – Cultured
£12.95 Per KgFoundation Rock
£16.95 Per KgFiji Live Rock
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