Special Offers

We have the following sale items available (Store Collection Only)

Coral Frags£12.00ea or 5 for £50.00
Live Food Packs Only on Thursdays – 2 for £1.00
Plant Bunches £3.50ea or 4 for £10.00
High Grade SPS Coral Frags£12.00ea or 5 for £50.00
High Grade Ultra Zoa Coral Frags From £10.00ea
Red Cherry Shrimp£3.50ea or 5 for £14.00
Aqua One PL-9W Fluoro Lamp (2pin connection) – £1.00ea
Aqua One PL Fluoro Lamps 11w (4pin connection) Sunlight/ Trop/ Marine £1.50ea
Aqua One PL Fluoro Lamp 18w (4pin connection) Sunlight/ Trop/ Marine £1.50ea
Aqua One PL Fluoro Lamp 36w (4pin connection) Sunlight/ Trop/ Marine £1.50ea
BiOrb Standard LED Light Small for Baby Classic biOrbs: £15.95ea Now: £9.95
Arcadia Ultra Seal T8 Lamp Replacement Lead Cable Pairs Leads Connector Light (ABT8LL 3.0m T8 Ø26mm) NOW: £10.95ea
Arcadia Metal Halide Lamp Bulbs
• 14,000K Colour temperature replicates shallow ocean light conditions can be used for Growing Plants or Hydroponics
• High intensity light source supports coral growth
• Deep blue light, with 420nm actinic peak for marine aquariums
• Simulates deeper water lighting
• Use alone or combine with 14,000K AQI14K150 150W 14,000 K
AQI14K250 250W 14,000 K £8.95ea
AQI14K400 400W 14,000 K £10.95ea
AQIBLU150 150W 20,000 K £10.95ea
AQIBLU250 250W 20,000 K £10.95ea
Arcadia Reflectors all £12.95
T5 80w 1450mm/58in
58W 1500mm/60in
38W 1050mm/42in
15w 450mm/18in
Juwel HiFlex Reflectors 1200mm for
Rio 400 , Vision 450
HiFlex 45w T5 and 30w T8 895mm £15.95
Dennerle Scaper’s Sky Compact Fluorescent Lamp 24W 8000K £19.95
Dennerle Amazon Day Nano Compact Fluorescent Lamp 9W £14.95
Please drop in to us or call to check availability


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