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  • Cultured Coral Frags Buy 6 for the price of 5 (Cheapest Coral Free). We have a huge collection of cultured Coral Frags and in-house cultured frags now available, hundreds in fact, many species common and rare for all types of aquaria. Coral fragging is the new sustainable way to keep corals in the home aquarium and has little impact on the world’s coral reefs. Our Marine staff will also happily guide you in what you need to know about keeping corals and have all the equipment needed to keep these wonderful colourful animals.
  • Get 1 Free Tropical Freshwater Fish! – Get one free fish only when purchasing 5 or more freshwater tropical fish of same or lesser value.
  • Ultra Zoas Now £10.00 – £25.00! Zoanthids, Ultra Zoas or zoanthus are sometimes referred to as colonial anemones and are one of the easiest corals to care for, very colourful and fast growing, are now a very popular addition to reef and nano aquariums.
  • Buy 2 Get One Free on Easylife Water Conditioners (Cheapest One Free) Mention Promo in Store Today.

We are clearing up space in our warehouse and have the following items available for collection or local London delivery :

BiOrb Standard LED Light Small for Baby Classic biOrbs: £15.95ea
EHEIM Canister Filter Seal Parts External Sealing Gasket O-Ring Parts All NOW: £9.50ea
Ehiem Filter Model: 2215,2231,2233,2235,2232,2234 Code: 7314058
Ehiem Filter Model: 2236, 2032, 2034, 2036
Ehiem Filter Model: 2017,2117,2217,2317 Code: 7287148
Ehiem Filter Model: 2213 Code: 273118
EHEIM Canister Filter Impeller Part External Filter All Types Replacement Parts: ALL NOW: £14.95ea
Ehiem Filter Model: 2217 Code: 7633590
Ehiem Filter Model: 2271, 2371, 2071 Code: 7603450
Ehiem Filter Model: 2074 Code:7603220
Ehiem Filter Model: 2222, 2224, 2422, 2424, 2124 Code: 7657360
Ehiem Filter Model: 2235, 2236 Code: 7600430
Ehiem Filter Model: 2215 Code: 7633090
Ehiem Filter Model: 2071, 2171 Code: 7603420
Ehiem Filter Model: 2231, 2232, 2233, 2234 Code: 7600420
Ehiem Filter Model: 2013, 2113, 2213, 2313 Code: 7632600
Ehiem Filter Model: 2226, 2228, 2227, 2229, 2426 Code: 7656200
Ehiem Filter Model: 2231, 2232, 2233, 2234 Code: 7600050
Ehiem Filter Model: 2235, 2236 Code: 7600060
Ehiem Filter Model: 2026, 2126, 2028, 2128 Code: 7656180
EHEIM Canister Filter Seal Clip Parts External Sealing Lid Clips
Ehiem Filter Model: 2026-2128, 2226-2328, 2227-2329 NOW: £3.95ea
Arcadia Ultra Seal T8 Lamp Replacement Lead Cable Pairs Leads Connector Light (ABT8LL 3.0m T8 Ø26mm) NOW: £13.95ea
Arcadia Metal Halide Lamp Bulbs
MARINE 14,000K
• 14,000K colour temperature replicates shallow ocean light conditions
• High intensity light source supports coral growth
MARINE 20,000K
• Deep blue light, with 420nm actinic peak for marine aquariums
• Simulates deeper water lighting
• Use alone or combine with 14,000K AQI14K150 150W 14,000 K
AQI14K250 250W 14,000 K £20.95ea
AQI14K400 400W 14,000 K £25.95ea
AQIBLU150 150W 20,000 K £19.95ea
AQIBLU250 250W 20,000 K £20.95ea
Arcadia Fluorescent Tubes (Not LED) all £10.95 each
6w 225mm/9in Original Tropical lamp
8w 300mm Original Tropical lamp
24w T5 Original Tropical lamp
36W 1200mm Freshwater Lamp T8
36w 1200mm T8 Original Tropical lamp
39w Blue T5 850mm
39w 850mm T5 60/40 hybrid
39w 850mm T5 Marine White
54w 1150mm Plant Pro T5
54w 1150mm Marine White T5
58w 1500mm/60in Original Tropical Lamp
58w 1500mm/60in T5 Freshwater Lamp
58w 1500mm/60in T5 Plant Pro
80w 1450mm Marine Blue 420 actinic
80W 1450mm/58in T5 Marine White
80w 1450mm marine Hybrid 60/40 T5
80w 1450mm Marine Hybrid 60/40 T5
80w Marine White T5 1450mm
80w marine Blue Actinic T5 1450mm
Other Fluorescent Tubes (Not LED) all £10.95 each
D-D Giesemann T5 PowerChrome Aqua Pink 39W
D-D Giesemann T5 PowerChrome Aquablue 39W
D-D Giesemann T5 PowerChrome Pure Actinic 39W
D-D Giesemann T5 PowerChrome Midday 24W
D-D Giesemann T5 PowerChrome Aqua Pink 80W
D-D Giesemann T5 PowerChrome Aquablue 80W
D-D Giesemann T5 PowerChrome Pure Actinic 80W
Juwel 438mm 24W Blue T5
Juwel 25W Warm-lite T8
Juwel 590mm 28W Marine High light T8
Juwel 30W Warm-life T8
Juwel 25W Colour-lite T8
Juwel 895mm Highlight NATURE 45W T8
Arcadia Reflectors all £12.95
T5 80w 1450mm/58in
58W 1500mm/60in
38W 1050mm/42in
15w 450mm/18in
Arcadia Ultra Seal 6/8W 225/300mm T5 16mm Ø
Fluorescent Controller Units £15.95
Juwel HiFlex Reflectors 1200mm for
Rio 400 , Vision 450
HiFlex 45w T5 and 30w T8 895mm £15.95
Dennerle Scaper’s Sky Compact Fluorescent Lamp 24W 8000K £30.95
Dennerle Amazon Day Nano Compact Fluorescent Lamp 9W £18.95
Reptile Light Products
JBL Temp Protect light m 100mm Safety Cage £9.99
25W and 15w Night Heat Lamp by ExoTerra £9.99
25W Daylight SunGlo by ExoTerra £4.99
Repti Glo 5.0 UVB ExoTerra £9.99
SunRay 35W ExoTerra £15.00
150W Desert UVB ExoTerra £15.00
Arcadia D3 160w Basking Lamp £15.00
Arcadia Repti Glo 5.0 uvb 14w 38cm T8 £10.99
Arcadia 15w 6% uvb 450mm/18in d3 reptile lamp T8 £10.99
Arcadia 15w 12% uvb 450mm/18in d3 reptile lamp T8 £10.99
18w D3 Rep lamp 600mm/24in 6% uvb £10.99
24w T5 12% uvb D3 Retile lamp 550mm T5 £10.99
42W JBL Reptile Spot HaloDym £6.45
15w 18in Repti glo 2.0 T8 Tube Lamp Exo Terra £11.99
20w 24in Repti glo 2.0 T8 Tube Lamp Exo Terra £11.99
Sera Reptil daylight compact 26W UV-B 2% £11.99
Large Hia Yang LED hang on aquarium light with built in fan – £25.00
Giesemann MATRIXX II Aquarium T5 Light Unit White 4 x 39W NOW: £65.00
Individual light groups with POWERCHROME T-5 tubes available in 5 different colors. All color mixes, dimming phases and lighting scenarios can be simulated using the standard software. Unique to is the ability to adjust levels on a T-5 group basis, meaning that different light saturation levels or even whole lighting scenarios may be programmed.
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