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  • Cultured Coral Frags Buy 6 for the price of 5 (Cheapest Coral Free). We have a huge collection of cultured Coral Frags and in-house cultured frags now available, hundreds in fact, many species common and rare for all types of aquaria. Coral fragging is the new sustainable way to keep corals in the home aquarium and has little impact on the world’s coral reefs. Our Marine staff will also happily guide you in what you need to know about keeping corals and have all the equipment needed to keep these wonderful colourful animals.
  • Get 1 Free Tropical Freshwater Fish! – Get one free fish only when purchasing 5 or more freshwater tropical fish of same or lesser value.
  • Ultra Zoas Now £10.00 – £25.00! Zoanthids, Ultra Zoas or zoanthus are sometimes referred to as colonial anemones and are one of the easiest corals to care for, very colourful and fast growing, are now a very popular addition to reef and nano aquariums.
  • Buy 2 Get One Free on Easylife Water Conditioners (Cheapest One Free) Mention Promo in Store Today.
Large Adult Parrot Cichlids Now Only £100ea