Ultra Zoas

Zoanthids, Ultra Zoas or zoanthus are sometimes referred to as colonial anemones and are one of the easiest corals to care for, very colourful and fast growing, are now a very popular addition to reef and nano aquariums. Given the right water conditions, zoanthids can grow quickly to form large low growing mats which may sometimes overgrow other sessile invertebrates. They prefer moderate to strong water flow and are quite light tolerant from medium to strong depending on the species. Not all species contain symbiotic zooxanthellae algae and will respond to feedings of planktonic foods and sometimes even larger foods like frozen brine shrimp and mysis shrimp.

Ultra Zoanthids for Sale Minimum Spend £10.00 per plug (various polyp number/size are available, We use Zoabrary (Zoanthid ID) http://www.zoabrary.com/ as reference)

Guide PhotoUltra Zoa TypePrice
Large ‘A’ Grade Vietnam Ultra Zoanthid (C1)£25.00 ea
Large ‘A’ Grade Vietnam Ultra Zoanthid (C2)£25.00 ea
Large ‘A’ Grade Vietnam Ultra Zoanthid (C5)£25.00 ea
Large ‘A’ Grade Vietnam Ultra Zoanthid (C6)£25.00 ea
Blue Tubbs (1)£6.00 per Head
Jurassic Park (2)£10.00 plug
Sakura Sunrise (3)£10.00 plug
Aviator (4)£10.00 plug
Utter Chaos (5)£10.00 per Head
£10.00 per Head
Granny Apple Smith (6)£5.00 per Head
Eagle Eye (7)£8.00 per Head
Goblin’s Fire Ultra Zoa (8)£8.00 per Head
Blue Rhino (9)£8.00 per Head
Sonic Flare (10)£10.00 plugs
Orbatron (11)£10.00 plug
Unknown (12)£10.00 plug
Blonde Eye Bs (13)£10 per Head
Pink Zipper (14)£5.00 per Head
Unknown (15)£10.00 plug
Devils Armor (16)£8.00 head
Unknown(17)£10.00 plug
God of War (18)£8.00 head
Unknown (19)£10.00 plug
Fire Storm (20)£8 per Head
Blue Agave (21)£10.00 plug
Blue Ice (22)£15.00 plug
Unknown (23)£10.00 plug
Rasta (24)£10.00 plug
Red Planet (25)£5.00 per Head
Wonder Woman (26)£10.00 plug
Laser Lemon (27)£5 per Head
Sunny Dee (28)£5 per Head
Unknown (29)£10.00 plug
Unknown (30)£10.00 plug
Red Death (31)£10.00 plug
Blue Panama (33)£10.00 plug
Unknown (34)£10.00 plug
Fairy Dust (35)£10.00 plug
Joe Schumacher (36)£3.25 per Head
Jungle Juice (37)£8 per Head
Bumblebee (38)£10.00 plug
Unknown (39)£10.00 plug
Ultra Green Palythoa (41)£10.00 plug