Marine Fish

We stock over 200 marine tanks full of marine fish. All fish are sourced from responsible shippers with CITES certificates where required. If you would like us to order any unusual species for you, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Marine Fish in Stock

#In StockScientific NameCommon Name
Centropyge bispinosusCoral Beauty
Centropyge loriculusFlame Angel
Centropyge acanthopsFireball Angel
Centropyge eibliRed Stripe Angel
Pygoplites diacanthusRegal Angel – West Ind
Centropyge bicolorBicolor Angel
Pomacanthus imperatorEmperor Angel : J
Pomacanthus semicirculatusKoran Angel : J
Genicanthus lamarckLamarck Angel
Genicanthus melanospilosSwallowtail Angel
Genicanthus bellusBellus Angel
Heniochus acuminatusHeniochus Butterfly
Heniochus intermediusHeniochus – Red Sea
Chelmon rostratusCopperband Butterfly
Chelmon marginalisLongnose Butterfly – 3 Stripe
Forcipiger flavissimusLongnose Butterfly
Chaetodon kleiniiSunburst Butterflyfish
Chaetodon ulietensisDouble Saddle Butterfly
Chaetodon ephippiumSaddleback Butterfly
Amphiprion allardiAfrican Clown
Amphiprion clarkiiEyelash Clown – Clarkii
Amphiprion nigripesChocolate Clown
Amphiprion ocellarisTank Bred Clown
Amphiprion ocellarisTank Bred Clown – Black & White
Amphiprion ocellarisTank Bred – Gladiator
Amphiprion ocellarisTank Bred – Snowflake
Amphiprion ocellarisTank Bred Clown – Premium
Amphiprion perculaPicasso Grade A
Amphiprion polymnusSaddleback Clown
Amphiprion perideraionSkunk Clown – Fiji
ClownfishPremnas biaculeatusMaroon Clown
Premnas biaculeatusMaroon Clown – Gold Bar
Apogon compressusCardinal – Blue Eye
Apogon properuptusCardinal – Orange Stripe
Apogon leptacanthusCardinal – Ghost
Chromis viridisChromis – Green
Chrysiptera cyaneaBlue Damsel
Chrysiptera springeriRoyal Blue Damsel
Chrysiptera parasemaYellow Tail Blue Damsel
Chrysiptera hemicyaneaRegal Damsel
Pomacentrus alleniBlue Star Damsel
Dascyllus aruanusHumbug – Three Stripe
Dascyllus melanurusHumbug – Four Stripe
Pterapogon kauderniCardinal – Emperor Tank Bred
cardinalfishSphaeramia nematopteraCardinal – Spotted
Apogon parvulusCardinal – Red Spot Tail
Xanthichthys auromarginatusBlue Throat Trigger
Triggerfishes & FilefishBalistoides conspicillumClown Trigger
Acreichthys tomentosusAiptasia Eating Filefish
Paraluteres prionurusMimic Filefish
Acanthurus achilles
Acanthurus coeruleusCaribbean Tang
Acanthurus lineatusClown Tang
Surgeonfishes & TangsAcanthurus leucosternonPowder Blue Tang – Premium
Acanthurus nigricansGoldrim Powder Grey
Acanthurus tennentiVampire Tang
Acanthurus pyroferusMimic Tang – Half Black
Acanthurus pyroferusLemon Mimic Tang
Acanthurus thompsoniWhite Tail Tang
Zebra Tang-Acanthurus polyzonaAcanthurus triostegusConvict Tang – Fiji
Naso brevirostrisNaso – Unicorn Blue
Naso vlamingiNaso – Blue Spot
Naso elegansLipstick Tang
Naso lituratusLipstick Tang – Melanesia
Zebrasoma cf scopaRare Scopas Tang – Tricolor
Zebrasoma desjardiniiSailfin Tang
Zebrasoma flavescensYellow Tang
Zebrasoma scopasBrown Sailfin Tang
Zebrasoma xanthurusYellow Tail Purple Tang
Ctenochaetus truncatusSilver Spot Tang
HogfishBodianus bimaculatusCandy Hog – West Ind
Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalisGold Flash Dwarf Parrot
Cirrhilabrus solorensisKoi Dwarf Parrot
Cirrhilabrus exquisitusMulticolour Dwarf Parrot
Cirrhilabrus lubbockiSapphire Dwarf Parrot
Cirrhilabrus mccoskeriMcCosker’s Flasher Wrasse
Anampses lineatusBlack Tail Wrasse
Anampses caeruleopunctatusBlue Spot Wrasse
Macropharyngodon bipartitusPeacock Wrasse
Halichoeres timorensisTimor Wrasse
Halichoeres marginatusMonti Bug-Eating Wrasse
Halichoeres marginatusDusky Wrasse Adult
Halichoeres radiatusPudding Wife Wrasse
Halichoeres chrysusYellow Wrasse
Halichoeres leucoxanthusSilver Belly Wrasse
Halichoeres chloropterusJade Wrasse
Halichoeres hortulanusCheckerboard Wrasse
Halichoeres sp.
Halichoeres iridisMulticolour Wrasse
Labroides dimidiatusCleaner Wrasse
Pseudocheilinus hexataeniaPyjama Wrasse – Six Line
Pseudojuloides severnsiPencil Wrasse – Royal
Thalassoma lunareLunar Wrasse
Cirrhilabrus rubriventralisDwarf Parrot
Cirrhilabrus cf lanceolatusPintail Dwarf Parrot
Cirrhilabrus bathyphilusRed Hooded Dwarf Parrot
Cirrhilabrus filamentosusHi Fin Dwarf Parrot
Wetmorella spp.Gold band Possum Wrasse
Echidna nebulosaSnowflake Eel
Pseudechidna brummeriGhost White Ribbon Eel
Echidna xanthospilosSkeletor Eel
Salarias fasciatusAlgae Blenny
Ecsenius lineatusDot Dash Blenny
Escenius midasMidas Blenny
Ecsenius bicolorBicolour Blenny
Gobiodon okinawaeYellow Goby
Gobiodon acicularisMidnight Coral Goby
Gobiodon histrioGreen Goby
Gobiodon citrinusSaffron Goby – West Ind
Opistognathus aurifronsJawfish – Yellowhead
Cryptocentrus cinctusSulphur Goby
Cryptocentrus pavoninoidesBlue Spot Goby
Valenciennea sexguttataChalk Goby – West Ind
Stonogobiops xanthorhinicaHi Fin Banded Goby
Stonogobiops yashaHi Fin Goby
Cryptocentrus auroraSuntail Goby
Valenciennea StrigataBlue Cheek Goby
Signigobius biocellatusEye Spot Goby
Synchiropus stellatusScooter Blenny – Pink
Gramma melacaraGramma – Blackcap
GrammasGramma loretoGramma – Royal
Elacatinus oceanopsNeon Goby – Tank Bred
Elacatinus figaroNeon Goby – Tank Bred
Nemateleotris decoraFirefish – Purple
Nemateleotris magnificaFirefish – Red
Ptereleotris zebraShotsilk Goby – West Ind
Pterosynchiropis splendidusMandarin – Green
Pterosynchiropis splendidusMandarin – Red
Paracirrhites arcatusArc Eye Hawk
Cyprinocirrhites polyactisSwallowtail Hawk
Plectranthias inermisHi Fin Checker Hawk
Neocirrhitus armatusScarlet Hawk
Oxycirrhitus typusLongnose Hawkfish
Serranus tortugarumBass – Blue Chalk
Dendrochirus brachypterusLionfish – Fuzzy Dwarf
Dendrochirus biocellatusLionfish – Fu Manchu
Siganus doliatusRabbit – Blue Line
Siganus guttatusRabbit – Orange Spot
Siganus vulpinusFox Face
Siganus unimaculatusFox Face – Black Spot
Siganus uspiFox Face – Fiji
Pterois volitansLion – Volitans
Pictichromis porphyreaStrawberry Pygmy Basslet
Pseudochromis aldabraensisPygmy Basslet – Neon
DottybacksPictichromis paccagnellaeGramma – False
Pseudochromis fridmaniPygmy Basslet Orchid
Canthigaster valentiniValentini Puffer
Diodon holocanthusPorcupine Puffer
Arothron hispidusArothron hispidus
Arothron nigropunctatusDog Face Puffer
Melichthys indicusBlack Trigger – Ind
Pseudanthias squamipinnisWreck Fish
Pseudanthias cf parvirostrisDiamond Anthias
Pseudanthias pulcherrimusLongfin Anthias
Pseudanthias ignitusLyretail Anthias
Pseudanthias evansiYellow Back Anthias
Doryrhamphus excisusPipefish – Blue
PipefishesCorythoichthys intestinalisPipefish – Snake
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