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How to Order Products and Livestock

We apologise for any inconvenience caused BUT we are still operational and will continue to supply your needs. We will now shift our operations to the following:

To place your order or make an enquiry about LIVESTOCK or ANY PRODUCTS then Text, Whatsapp or call Nick on 07973859720 (Mon-Fri: 9:30am – 5:00pm & No Consultancies)

If lines are Busy or No Reply then please Call Aaron on 07983471073 to place your order. Email:

Delivery Charges are based on distance from our retail shop in Balham SW12 0PS please see below:

  • Free Delivery on Orders over £15.00 (Within 2 Miles From Our Shop)
  • Free Delivery on Orders over £60.00 (Within London’s M25 Boundary)
  • Our Set Delivery Days Over 2 miles from Our Shop(Within the M25 Boundary) = £15.95
  • Over 10 miles/Outside the M25 Boundary = Price on Application! (Orders placed before 1pm will be processed on that day, Livestock will be sent via our Aquatic in House Staff, Not UK Couriers).

Please note at present we will be continuing our Design and Installation Services as well as productions. FOR Installation and Tank Build Questions please email:

A massive THANK YOU to all our customers for your continued support during this very difficult time, from ALL the team here at Aquatic Design Centre. Take care of yourselves and look after your families and your fish.

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Fancy High Grade Guppies

Hello Everyone, We currently have many New Varieties of Guppies in Store this Week, Lots of Colourful New Breeds Available to Order Today.

Types/Pairs Available Include the Following;

OFFER: Buy 5 of the Same and get One Extra Free (Same or Lesser Value).
Blue Sapphire – £2.75
Pink Tuxedo (New Variety) – £2.75
Moscow Blue (New Variety) – £2.75
Panda Guppy (New Variety) – £2.75
Golden Neon (New Variety) – £2.75
Purple Queen Guppy – £2.75
Blonde Red / Flamingo – £2.75
Yellow German – £2.75
Sunset Cobra (New Variety) – £2.75
Green Scissor Tail – £2.75
Male Black Guppy – £2.75
Male Red Neon Guppy – £2.75
Male Green Cobra – £2.75
Male Red Cap – £3.50
Male Tuxedo Guppy – £2.75
Male Guppy Asst Colours – £2.75
Female Guppy – £2.75
Endler’s Guppy – £3.50
Arctic Blue Guppy – £2.75

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COVID-19 vs Aquarium Maintenance

Dear customers/clients,

This morning we have had many questions from our customers concerning the new government regulations for the COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak and how this will affect our services provided.

We would like to inform you that we are open to handle all your orders as usual and will continue to service all our clients aquariums as normally as possible.

A couple of things to note:

  • If you would like to discuss service access arrangements due to self-isolation or reduced staffing available.
  • If you would like deliveries organized with specific instructions.
  • If you have any concerns regarding servicing during the following few weeks
  • If you wish to cancel your service visits

For any of the above enquiries please contact us on 02076366388 or Email : /

Alternatively you can contact your engineer directly.

Contingency outline:

Should the worst happen and you find yourself self-quarantining we can help you to sort out any aquarium issues and keep things running smoothly. We are working on a “whats app” face time booking system with your engineers so that you can book a time slot on a suitable day for them to help guide you through any basic tasks that your aquariums will need performed.  If you do not have whats app then please make contact with us with an alternative that works for you.

If we find any engineers are unavailable due to illness we will allocate you to a senior staff member for assistance.

The services you may require are as follows

  • Topping up systems with water to prevent them from running dry
  • Changing filter wool
  • Water changing (in some cases) – this will become more needed depending on the length of time between actual services.
  • Topping up auto feeders
  • General systems check
  • Fish health
  • Any operational questions.
  • Emergencies

We will follow the news closely and follow government advice. If anything changes, we will update you via email and social media.

We would duly request that if any client has a confirmed coronavirus case within their household or place of work that we are informed so we can act accordingly. We will of course look to respond in the same manner by informing any client visited if we have any confirmed cases within our business.

Our team is taking all necessary precautions. Also all shows/events and overseas traveling are cancelled till April 19th or longer if necessary.

We thank you for your concerns and messages the last couple of days. Please stay safe and take good care of yourself and your family.

Delivery Services

Unfortunately Our Shop is Now Closed. However we are allowing you to Call and Collect. We are also delivering Products and Live stock on an limited service. We are trying our best to fulfill everyone’s needs while keeping it safe for our staff and customers.

Delivery Charges are based on distance from our retail shop in Balham: Within 3 miles = £10.00. 3-5 miles = £15.00. Over 10 miles = Price on Application. Please call us and please be patient.

Please note at present we will be continuing our Design and Installation services as well as productions.

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