Aquarium Décor and Ornaments

Decorating your aquarium is an exciting part of the hobby. By creating an aquascape using natural woods and gravels, sands, and sculpture ornaments you will enhance the beauty and health of your aquarium. We also have an extensive range of backgrounds, plastic and silk plants and a range of ornaments to suit everyone. We stock over 60 types of Aquarium substrates, 25 Types of rockwork, 20 types wood products and much more. Order Form – Here

Aquarium Décor We Stock

Guide Photo OnlyName/Type
Azalea Root (Small 20-30cm)
Azalea Finger Root (Medium 30-40cm)
Azalea Root (Medium 30-40cm)
Azalea Finger Root (X Small 10-20cm)
Azalea Root (Large 40-50cm)
Azalea Finger Root (X Large 50-60cm)
Aqua One Azalea Roots
Driftwood (Extra Small 19-23cm)
Driftwood (Medium 29-36cm)
Driftwood (Large 51-77cm)
Driftwood (Extra Large 80-105cm)
Curio Driftwood
Mopani Root (Large 30-40cm)
Mopani Root (XL 40-50cm)
Mopani Root (Jumbo 50-60cm)
Mopani Root (Super Large 60-70cm)
Driftwood (Extra Large)
Mangrove (Small 10cm-15cm)
Mangrove (Medium 15-25cm)
Mangrove (Large 40-60cm)
Mangrove (Extra Large 90cm-145cm)
Aged Vines (15-80cm)
Cork Hollow Wood (50-80cm)
Bonsai Tree Driftwood
Giant River Wood (200cm plus)
River Stone Cobbles
Black Stone Cobbles
White Cobbles
Baltic Black Pebbles
White Spa Crystal
Devon Pink Stone
Multi Stripe Rock
Rustic Stone
Red Rainbow Stone
Rainbow Stone with Holes
White Quartz Stone
Black and White Quartz
Layer Pagoda Stone
Rose Quartz
Wood Stone
Red Jasper
Dragon Stone
Large Purple Pillar Stone (50-60cm)
Seiryu Mountain Stone
Landscape Grey Stone
Layer Stone
Guy Ying Stone
Spider Webs Rock
Ocean Rock Chipping
Ocean Rock
Lava Rock
Lava Rock with Holes
Spaghetti Rock
Dragon Stone (Small)
Dragon Stone (Medium)
Dragon Stone (Large)
Fiji Live Rock
Marine Live Rock
Coral Rubble Rock
Aqua Ceramic Pillar Special
(Sm, M, L)
Aqua Ceramic Oblique Pillar
(Sm, M, L, XL)
Aqua Ceramic Oblique Pillar R or L
(Sm, M, L)
Aqua Ceramic Pillar M Slim line
(38cm x 20 cm x 33cm)
Aqua Ceramic Pillar S Slim line
(27cm x 12cm x 23cm)
Aqua Ceramic Pillar L – Double (40cm x 32cm x 22cm)
Aqua Ceramic Bridge
(Sm, M, L)
Aqua Ceramic Pillar Gate L
(55cm x 32cm x 30 cm)
Aqua Ceramic Gate
(Sm, M, L)
Aqua Ceramic Bridge
(Sm, M, L)
Aqua Ceramic Anvil
(XS, Sm, M, L)
Aqua Ceramic Magnetic Shelf Corner
(Sm, M, L, XL)
Aqua Ceramic Magnetic Shelf
(Sm, M, L)
Rock Bridge Grey (M, L)
Blue Background Sheet (per 1m)
Black Background Sheet (per 1m)
Landscape Background Sheet (per 1m)
3D Background
Layered Brown Substrate 4-6mm
Marble Sand Substrate 3-6mm
Emerald Mix Substrate
Lake Gravel 3-4mm
White Quartz Gravel 3-6mm
Natural River Gravel 2-4mm
Nordic 2-4mm
Nordic 4-6mm
Nordic 6-8mm
White and Black Gravel 3-4mm
Pink Gravel 3-4mm
Red Gravel 3-6mm
Green Gravel 3-6mm
Blue Gravel 3-4mm
Orange Gravel 3-4mm
Yellow Gravel 3-4mm
Purple Gravel 3-4mm
Gold Gravel 3-4mm
Verona VIOLA 3-6mm
Verona TURCHESE 3-6mm
Verona AZZURRO 3-6mm
Verona GRIGIO 3-6mm
Multi Coloured Gravel 3-6mm
Limpopo Black Sand (Fine)
Fiji Coarse Sand 3-4mm
Samoa Coarse Sand 3mm
Nyasa Sand 2-3mm
White Micro Gravel Mix 1-2mm
Black Micro Mix 1-2mm
Pink Micro Sand 1-2mm
Violet Micro Sand 1-2mm
Blue Micro Sand 1-2mm
Kivu Sand 2-3mm
Tana Sand 2-3mm
Fiji Fine Sand 2-3mm
Aquarium Silver Sand (Very Fine)
Reptile Sand Mixes (Very Fine)
Silica Sand 1-2mm
White Silica Sand (Fine)
Marine SandMarine Sand
Coral Sand 3-6mm
Coral Rubble Substrate 5-8mm
ADA SoilAquarium Soil Mixes
JBL Pro Scape Shrimp Soil 9L
JBL ProScape Volcano Mineral 9L
Tropica Aquarium Soil 3L
Tropica Aquarium Soil 9L
Tropica Substrate 2.5L
Sera Floredepot 2.40kg
Plastic Plants
Silk Plants
Sea Weed Silk
Plastic Plant AquaOne Series
Hair Grass 4pk
Coral Fan Pink (L)  60 X 41 cm
Coral Fan Blue (L)  60 X 41 cm
Kids Aquarium DecorOrnamental Figures
Diver Helmet XL 38cm
Shipwreck 30,50,70cm
Sunken Tank 39cm
Ruined Helicopter (XL)
Sunken Submarine 80cm x 11cm x 17cm
Barrel S M L
Deluxe Whisky Barrel 6.5cm
Broken Aztec Vase (S M L)
Aztec Vase 21cm
Buddha Head 19cm
Tree Man Head 14cm
Junior Tree Man
Pink Flamingo 12cm
Air Operated Treasure Chest on Rock
Breeding Pipes (S, M, L)
Granite Caves
Marble Caves Square S M L
Rock Sculptures
Bright Coral Reef
biOrb Resin Starfish pack
biOrb Sea Urchins pack
biOrb Reef Ornament Orange
biOrb Reef Ornament Barnacles
biOrb Reef ornament Purple
biOrb Plant White
biOrb Plant Black
biOrb Set
biOrb Set
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