Ultra High Grade Corals

We have a large amount of LPS and SPS cultured corals in this week including some beautiful rarities.

  • Ultra Orange Ricordea mushroom Corals £20.00ea
  • Yellow Stripe Mushrooms £20.00ea
  • High Grade Acans £35.00ea
  • Ultra Colorful Fungia, Cycloseris and Heliofungia Plates from £65.00.
  • Ultra Monti frags including, Rainbow, Sunburst and Forest Fire Montiporas from £10.00each.
  • Acropora and Millepora plugs all £10.00 each
  • Seriatopora plugs all £10.00 each
  • Porties plugs all £10.00 each
  • Ultra High Grade Zoas From £10.00each. (Sunny Dee, Rasta, Dragons, Blondies etc..)
  • Ricordea types Stripe, Orange and Green from £20.00each