Damien Hirst “Lost Love” (2000), Aquarium Installation, Milan, Italy

We recently had a great opportunity to work with one of Britain’s well know top artists, Damien Hirst, an internationally renowned artist and reportedly UK’s richest living artist to date.

Although we have work with him before on his earlier projects, we were very excited about this one as we would have to send our team to Milan in Italy, as his art work would be held at Milan’s newly reopened Fondazione Prada, an institution dedicated to contemporary art and culture.

The foundation’s curatorial project ‘Trittico’ or “Triptych” is currently running from May 2015 – 10 January 2016 and will include Mr Hirst’s art piece “Lost Love” (2000)  (http://www.damienhirst.com/lost-love).

“Lost Love” is a huge glass aquarium system which contains a submerged gynecologist’s office and plays host to shoals of tropical fish, a gynecologist’s chair, glass-topped trolley, medical and surgical equipment, coat stand, lab coat, handbag, shoes, gold watch, pearl necklace and gold rings.

Lost Love 2000, Damien Hirst
Damien Hirst’s “Lost Love” (2000), Damien Hirst

The aquarium is 3658mm x 2134mm x 2134mm (16,560 Litres) with high tech filtration, trickle towers and UV sterilization systems. The types of fish housed  in the aquarium are mainly African Cichlids, including many colourful Mbuna and Lake Malawi species, red parrot fish, a few lovely red spotted severums and a couple of pleco catfish.

Installation in Process. "Lost Love" (2000)
Installation in Process. “Lost Love” (2000)

If you wound like to see Damien Hirst’s art work in person or want more information on the exhibition at Fondazione Prada in Milan then please take a look at the these links below.



http://www.damienhirst.com/exhibitions/group/2015/trittico-fondazione-prada (9 May 2015 – 10 January 2016)

Also if you want your own bespoke built aquarium in your home or business please don’t hesitant to contact us at the Aquatic Design Centre on (020) 7636 6388 or email us info@aquaticdesign.co.uk