High Grade Fancy Bettas

Hello everyone we now have a Large Section of Fancy Fighters/Bettas in Stock. Please Call Now: Shop Enquiries Tel: +44 (0)20 7580 6764 to reserve or Pop Down to our Aquatic Store. We will be Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm and Sun 11-5pm.

Red Super Delta
P66 £12.95
Sliver Super Delta
P29 £24.50
Blue Half Moon
P27 £15.95
Koi HM Plakat
P12 £21.50
Yellow/Blue Half Moon
P3 £39.50
Yellow Half Moon
P2 £37.50
White CrownTail
P37 £19.50
Black Smoke Crowntail
P34 £22.50
Butterfly Half Moon
P17 £39.50
Blue Super Delta
P69 £16.95
Butterfly Half Moon
P53 £42.50
Samurai P28
Koi plakat P13
Rosetail Half Moon
P38 £39.50
Half Moon 180°
P49 £39.50
Triband Half Moon
P40 £39.50
P18 £35.00
Red Half Moon 180°
P48 £35.00
Female Fighters

Our store is now open as normal, but we are strictly limiting the number of customers in store at any one time. We have some Covid-19 Rules in place. There maybe some queuing outside.

We have some strict social distancing measures put in place to help customers and colleagues to keep safe. We will now shift our operations to the following:

  • No entry without wearing PPE. Please bring your own mask as we have no available stocks to provide mask and gloves at this time, but will look towards getting some basic stocks for those who forget.
  • No groups of 3 or more. This is to ensure we all keep social distancing and can allow more shoppers in store at any one time.
  • At the entrance, please ring the bell and our helpful colleague will ask you what you need and direct you to where your required items are within the store and when to enter the shop.
  • Card Only Payments are prefered. This is to help us to avoid handling any cash.
  • How to Find Us Map

Please be respectful of colleagues and other shoppers, We have a limited number of staff available at this time, so please be patient and please limit your inside shopping time to 15 min. Thank You for Your Support.

If you are unable to visit us or prefer our take away service, we are still operating our Collection and Delivery services