Save The Hassle! Opening Offer Sale (pt2)

We have many opening offers this month including complete aquarium set-ups ready to go with fish. Sale on Now.

Full tank set-up conditioned and ready for fish immediately, without the normal 2-4 week bio maturation cycle required.

biOrb Classic, Halo 60L and Aquael Luna 17L

Aquael Luna 17L RRP: £81.49
Rock Work RRP: £19.00
Live Gravel and bacteria: £3.50
Mature Water: £10.00
Local Delivery and Set-up: £20.00
Total Cost at RRP: £133.99

Our Opening Offer: Aquael Luna (sold as seen) for the Low Price of £99.99 All Included.

biOrb Life 60 RRP: £343.99
Matured Water RRP: £20.00
Gravel and Bacteria RRP: £3.50
Local delivery and Set-up RRP: £20.00
Total Costs at RRP: £387.49

Our Opening Offer: biOrb Life 60 for £349.00 (sold as seen)

biOrb Classic 30L RRP: £129.99
Pebbles RRP: £6.99
Reef Coral Blue Decor RRP: £32.99
Starfish Blue RRP: £8.99
SeaShells White RRP: £11.99
Silk Plant Medium RRP: £14.95
biOrb Seafan White Medium RRP: £8.99
biOrb Heater RRP: £27.99
Mature Water RRP: £15.00
Tropical Fish RRP: £18.00
Local Delivery and Set-up: £40.00

biOrb Classic 30 Total Cost RRP: £315.92

biOrb Halo 60L RRP: £232.99
Grass Ring Large RRP: £23.99
biOrb Topiary Balls x 4 RRP: £35.96
biOrb Silk Plant Large RRP: £17.99
Aqual Silk Plants Medium x2 RRP: £14.98
Live Gravel and Bacteria RRP: £50.00
Local delivery and set up RRP: £40.00

biOrb Halo 60 Total Cost RRP: £415.91