Save The Hassle! Opening Offer Sale (pt1)

We have many opening offers this month including complete aquarium set-ups ready to go with fish. Sale on Now.

Full tank set-up conditioned and ready for fish immediately, without the normal 2-4 week bio maturation cycle required:

biOrb Cascades

Tetra Cascade Globe LED RRP: £49.99
Aqual small silk plant RRP: £8.29
Rock Work RRP: £8.00
Live Gravel and Bacteria: £7.50
Mature Water: £5.00
Heater: £11.99
One Male Siamese Fighting Fish: £6.50
Local Delivery and Set-up: £20.00
Total Cost at RRP: £117.27

Our Opening Offer Sale Price: SOLD AS SEEN for the Low Price of £49.99 All Included.

Newa More 30L

NEWA MORE 30L RRP: £149.99
10X Amber Tetras RRP: £25.00
3X Live Plants (Crypt sp.) RRP: £14.25
5X Red Rili Shrimp RRP: £24.94
Red Moor Wood RRP: £25.00
Pebbles RRP: £6.00
Soil and Bacteria RRP: £15.00
Matured Water RRP: £15.00
Local Delivery and Set-up: £20.00
Total Cost at RRP: £295.18

Opening Offer: Sold as Seen for £249.99 all included.

Dennerle Nanno Cube

Dennerle Nanno Cube Complee 10L RRP: £34.99
One Male Siamese Fighting Fish RRP: £6.50
3X Live Plant (Liloeopsis sp. and Hygrophyta sp.) RRP: £14.25
Rock Work RRP: £9.00
Soil and Bacteria RRP: RRP: £10.00
Thermometer RRP: £3.19
JBL proflora u 201 CO2 System RRP: £101.00
Mature Water RRP: £5.00
Loal delivery andSet-up RRP: £20.00
Total Costs at RRP: £203.93

Our Opening Offer: £159.99 all included. (sold as seen)