Over Heating Aquarium? 35% off all Cooling Products This Month

It looks like the heatwave is here to stay for awhile. If you are worried about your aquarium or aquariums overheating and harming your fish or corals, then why not grab yourself some cooling gadgets and other items for your tank/s today. We have upto 35% OFF on all Cooling products in store this month, including the following items:
JBL Cooler100 (was £46.45 NOW: £30.19)
JBL Cooler200 (was £68.95 NOW: £44.82)
JBL Cooler300 (was £78.45 NOW: £50.99)
JBL Cool Controller (was £11.39 NOW: £7.60)
Water Plant Compact Cooling Dan (was £30.99 NOW: £20.14)
Water Plant Cross Flow System (was £50.85 NOW: 33.05)
TECO E-Chill 1 (was £180.00 NOW: £117.00)
Arctic Breeze (was £110.95 NOW: £72.12)

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