Jellyfish Aquariums

Moon Jellyfish Aquariums

Jellyfish are a group animals within the phylum Cnidaria. Cnidaria is an animal phylum that has specialised cells that they use mainly for capturing prey.

Jellyfish are very challenging to keep, but two species of the moon jellyfish are available for aquarists and are the easiest type. Aurelia labiata is a species of moon jellyfish naturally living in the temperate waters off California, USA. The other species of moon jellyfish we see is Aurelia aurita, these jellyfish are found in warmer reefs around the world and best suited for the home aquarium.

Moon jellyfish cannot be kept in an aquarium with objects. They are fragile and slow moving. Anything that can be placed in the aquarium is a potential risk to jellyfish, especially the corners of a standard box aquarium. For this reason, specially designed tanks are used to provide rounded corners with a continuous, slow current with special filtration.

We can supply desktop or free standing aquariums especially designed for Moon Jellyfish in store, or if sold out, we will happily order in for you. We can supply all the accessories and food needed to keep moon jelly fish. We also occasionally have sea pens in stock. Although moon jelly fish are difficult to feed they prefer live foods and should be fed a mixture of baby brine shrimp, copepods, phytoplankton and preparation available foods which we can supply or help you to culture at home.

Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium