Jelly Fish Aquariums – Now Available

Beautifully designed jellyfish aquariums. All you need to care for your pet jellyfish.

Jellyfish are now effortless. This is the ultra-modern and graceful Medusa Aquarium built from the ground up with jellyfish in mind. The expert acrylic construction gives the aquarium a clean cut contemporary feel. The Combination of smooth curves and accurate flow provides the perfect environment for your pet jellyfish.

This intelligent Jellyfish aquarium brings these fascinating creatures to domestic jellyfish fanatics.

Medusa 45 Jellyfish Aquarium: £875.00


A powerful, yet silent, external filter feeds the jellyfish aquarium. Crystal clear water is transported through high quality clear acrylic tubing.

The Medusa Aquarium’s unique laminar flow chambers are designed with delicate jellyfish in mind. This exclusive concept is what makes the Medusa the leading jellyfish Aquarium on the market.


Included with the Medusa Aquarium is a colour changing LED light installed into the custom built cabinet.


The Aquarium rests on a high quality wall mounted cabinet. This cabinet has been constructed specifically for the Medusa Aquarium. Every detail is precise and beautifully designed.

There is space to house the filtration, lighting, acrylic piping and all the jellyfish related accessories you need.

Pre-orders now available in store: 

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Medusa Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium: £595.00
The Dome Aquarium: £1,510.00 – £2,205.00

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