Hassle Free Aquariums For Sale (Fish Ready Today)

We have many opening offers this month including complete aquarium set-ups ready to go, straight off the shelf with free local delivery.

Full tank set-up conditioned, plants, aquascaped and ready for fish immediately, without the normal 2-4 week bio maturation cycle required:

ADA Cube Garden Mini S Nano complete with ADA Solar Mini Light and Filter System

SOLD AS SEEN for £304.07

Dennerle Scaper’s Tank Complete – RRP: £77.75
Flower filer – RRP: £79.95
Scaper’s LED – RRP: £99.99
Tropica Nano CO2 System – RRP: £77.99
Sera Heater 50W – RRP: £24.75
ADA Amazonia Soil 3L – RRP: £12.50
Dennerle Gravel 5Kg – RRP: £11.99
Wood – RRP: £36.79
Aquatic Plants – RRP: £120.00
SOLD AS SEEN for £541.71 (All Included)

ADA Cube Garden Mini M Nano complete with ADA Solar Mini Light and Filter System

SOLD AS SEEN for £417.94 (All included)

Evolution Aqua Cube 300 complete with ADA Aquasky Light and Filter System

SOLD AS SEEN for £566.67 (All Included)

Tetra Cascade Globe LED RRP: £49.99
Aqual small silk plant RRP: £8.29
Rock Work RRP: £8.00
Live Gravel and Bacteria: £7.50
Mature Water: £5.00
Heater: £11.99
One Male Siamese Fighting Fish: £6.50
Total Cost Normally at RRP: £117.27

Our Price SOLD AS SEEN for £49.99 (All Included)

Dennerle Nanno Cube Complee 10L RRP: £34.99
One Male Siamese Fighting Fish RRP: £6.50
3X Live Plant (Liloeopsis sp. and Hygrophyta sp.) RRP: £14.25
Rock Work RRP: £9.00
Soil and Bacteria RRP: RRP: £10.00
Thermometer RRP: £3.19
JBL proflora u 201 CO2 System RRP: £101.00
Mature Water RRP: £5.00
Loal delivery andSet-up RRP: £20.00
Total Normal Costs at RRP: £203.93

Our Price is £159.99 all included. (sold as seen)


Aquael Luna 17L RRP: £81.49
Rock Work RRP: £19.00
Live Gravel and bacteria: £3.50
Mature Water: £10.00
Local Delivery and Set-up: £20.00
Total Cost at RRP: £133.99

Aquael Luna (sold as seen) for the Low Price of £99.99

biOrb Halo 60L RRP: £232.99
Grass Ring Large RRP: £23.99
biOrb Topiary Balls x 4 RRP: £35.96
biOrb Silk Plant Large RRP: £17.99
Aqual Silk Plants Medium x2 RRP: £14.98
Live Gravel and Bacteria RRP: £50.00
Local delivery and set up RRP: £40.00

biOrb Halo 60 Total Cost RRP: £415.91 (SOLD AS SEEN)

SALE on ADA Aquasky State of the Art LED lighting by Aqua Design Amano. NOW 50% Off selected items.
Aquasky 602 (for 60cm tanks, Double) Was £400 NOW: £200.00
Aquasky 601 (for 60cm tanks) Was £220 NOW: £110.00
Aquasky 451 (for 45cm tanks) Was £200 NOW: £100.00
Aquasky 361 (for 35cm tanks) Was £145 NOW: £72.50

ADA (Aqua Design Amano) is known as one of the premium brands when it comes to aquascape hardware. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that their LED lights are very popular with many aquarium fanatics. The ADA Aquasky has been introduced as the replacement for the ADA Solar Mini series; the last series of small lights that use fluorescent lighting.

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