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Aquarium Maintenance Services

With over 30 years in the business and nationwide coverage we are one of the foremost aquarium and fish tank maintenance companies in London and the UK. It is also the reason that some of the most prestigious and famous companies in the world employ us to maintain their fish tanks, from hotels, restaurants, stores, airports, cosmetics counters, private residences, offices and headquarters.

Reliability and Professionalism

We have earned a reputation for reliability and unparalleled service. Our dedicated team of engineers, experts and back-office support help to maintain and look after your aquaria, whether it be freshwater, marine, coral reef system. All staff are employed by the Aquatic Design Centre and you have access to the most experienced aquarium experts in the country. This way we are able to maintain high standards and ensure we provide an economic and valuable service to our customers.

Nationwide Service and Overseas

We offer nationwide maintenance services and can also manage contracts overseas, currently helping businesses in North America, Europe and the Middle East. There are over 1500 fish tanks and aquaria maintained by us.

High Quality Livestock and Materials

Our central London Aquatic shop and store enable us to supply accessories and equipment for any job we are working on. We source high quality livestock bred for better health and have our own coral farm to supply healthy corals without damage to the environment.

24hr Emergency call out service

Our 24 hour emergency service is also back up with our workshops and retail centre, which holds all the supplies and equipment to resolve any problem quickly.

Due to the large number of customers we serve, it enables us to offer unbeatable prices for a full service. Please Call our London Office on (+44)20 7636 6388 to speak to our experts and discuss your aquarium or pond maintenance requirements or obtain a quote: Maintenance Consultations.

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Aquarium Design, Manufacture, and Installation

The Aquatic Design Centre have created some of the most stylish and luxury bespoke built aquariums and fish tanks in the country. We draw on over 25 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing aquariums. With over 1,500 bespoke aquarium installations under our supervision and an exclusive client list, we are the UK’s leading specialists in custom built aquarium design and installation.

You will see our work in landmark buildings, stores, restaurants, offices, museums, exhibitions, TV, stylish homes and gardens in the UK and International designs in North America and the Middle East. We undertake commissions of all sizes, from large commercial developments to small domestic residential aquariums and ponds. Private homes to international headquarters and each solution is completed to the highest professional standard.

Our key points in design ensures a personal flexible professional service

Initial consultation with clients and architects. Financial forecasting and budget planning, project management, site study, architectural planning/drawing and site planning. We can help you develop the concept to something that not only looks amazing but will work at the intended location dealing with the complexities of large volumes of water and the weights involved. We work to the exacting standards demanded of architects, designers, film and TV industries, delivering on time and within your budget.

Tailored aquascaping to suit the environment, client vision and aesthetics

We deal with all the lighting, plumbing, and filtration system installation. Using the very latest in equipment and aquatic technology. Introduction of livestock and ongoing professional maintenance with on and off site water monitoring systems.

Aquarium manufacturing service

Our workshop facility has expanded over the years. We also occupy a large premises in Surrey, where our facilities enable us to manufacture large scale glass aquariums, filtration manufacture, steel supports, cabinet fabrication and livestock holdings.

24hr emergency call out service

Our 24 hour emergency service is also back up with our workshop and retail centre, which holds all the supplies and equipment to resolve any problem quickly.

Whatever your requirements we’ll be able to realise your vision. If you have a project which requires an bespoke aquarium or custom built pond installation please call our London Office on (+44) 20 7636 6388 for free advice or to book an appointment check out: Book a Consultation. You can also check out our: Basic Aquarium Price Calculator

Please check out our portfolio gallery pages

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Shopping for family and friends for Christmas can be difficult if you’re not entirely sure what they’d like to unwrap. However, with The Aquatic Design Centre Gift Voucher, you can be confident you’ve found them the perfect present. We offer many types within your budget range. Grab Yours in Store Today.

We also have a new range Aqua One aquariums which offers a complete aquarium system, packed full of fantastic features. The modern and seamless design is perfectly coupled with quality, practicality and versatility.

With Zero clutter, all equipment (built-in filter & heater) hidden in the back. Minimalist aquarium design, Silicone free rounded glass corners, Complete with powerful LED lighting and heater, We a range of Inspire cabinets complete the look.

AquaNano 30, 22 Litres

AquaNano 30, 22 Litres
Aquarium: 30d x 30w x 30h cm
Cabinet: 32d x 32w x 70h cm
Receive a £5.00 Credit Note Voucher for livestock with any aquarium purchase.

AquaNano 40, 55 Litres

AquaNano 40, 55 Litres
Aquarium: 40d x 40w x 40h cm
Cabinet: 40d x 40w x 75h cm
Receive a £5.00 Credit Note Voucher for livestock with any aquarium purchase.

AquaNano 60, 100 Litres

AquaNano 60, 100 Litres
Aquarium: 40d x 60w x 47h cm
Cabinet: 40d x 60w x 75h cm
Also Receive a £5.00 Credit Note Voucher for livestock with any aquarium purchase.

This space saving corner aquarium is a stylish addition to even the smallest room. Supplied complete with filtration and lighting built into the slim line hood. Space saving corner design. Beautiful 100 litre corner aquarium offering greater depth and a panoramic front for fantastic views. High performance, low maintenance trickle filter. Bright, energy efficient LED lighting.

Aquarium: 33d x 30w x 38h cm. (£49.99)

Aquarium: 33d x 30w x 38h cm. (£49.99)
Cabinet: 32d x 32w x 70h cm. (£74.99)
Receive a £5.00 Credit Note Voucher for livestock with any aquarium purchase.

Newa Reef 35 (£159.99)
A stylish little tank that doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality.
With Optiwhite glass, high powered MariGlo blue and white LED’s, spacious back filter and high performance hang on skimmer, this is the perfect tank to house your own Nano Marine World.

• Made from Optiwhite aquarium glass
• Nano tank featuring everything you need for a complete marine set up
• Set includes powerful back filter, hang on protein skimmer, MariGlo LED light and heater
• Fits Inspire 40 cabinet

Newa Reef 35 (£159.99)

NanoReef 35, 35 Litres.
Aquarium: 33 x 33 x 33 cm.
Cabinet: 40 x 40 x 75 cm.
Receive a £5.00 Credit Note Voucher for livestock with any aquarium purchase.

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